it’s never too early to start stockpiling, right?

Lucas and I went to CVS today to pick up a prescription for the ear infection I have. My mom gave me a heads up that there might be some clearance diapers, but I checked and none of them were marked down.

I decided to scan a pack anyway, and I’m glad I did. A pack of CVS brand diapers that was normally $5.99 rang up as $1.50! Lucas and I ended up buying 15 packs… even though the baby won’t be here for another six months and surely won’t fit into a size 6 diaper for quiiiite a few more. But I figure if I can save money now and get them for super cheap, that’s one less expense I’ll have in the future!

Better yet, I had a $5 CVS Extra Buck Reward that I used with that also. So our grand total for 15 packs of diapers (ranging from 16-22 diapers per pack) was a whopping $17.50 before taxes! That was definitely a steal!

Oh, and I almost forgot about the great deal I got at Target the other day. Well, Playtex Baby had some coupons on their Facebook fan page a week or so ago for $3 off any one Playtex Infant item. You could only print out two coupons, and they were only printable for one single day. I ended up with four, because I had my mom and sister print them for me.

I went to Target and saw the bottles I’ve been eyeing for only $3.89! The nipples were only $3.29. So, two bottles (with five liners in them each) and two sets of two nipples after coupons came to $2.36!

But of course… I couldn’t stop there. Nope. I grabbed a couple other essentials (bread, cheese, meat) and I headed to check out. For payment, I used a $10 Target giftcard that I got completely for FREE by using the ShopKick app on my Android phone. So, my grand total was… $0! Yep, free is awesome :]

Have you found any good baby deals lately in your neighborhood? Tell me about your awesome store trip!